Friday, January 28, 2011

New Blogs!!

I'm new to Blogspot, but I've decided that like other people, I want to make a second and third blog. I enjoy wallpapers, but i'd like to expand my posting horizon, so i'm making these.

On the second blog i'm making, i'll be posting funny news stories every day! I enjoy interesting news, discluding politics, economy, etc... (I'm only a teenager and really not interested in those sort of things often) so I've decided to make a page that only includes entertaining news. 

The third blog i'll be making is a technology news blog. This includes news on technology such as gaming consoles, science technology, portable technology (phones, music devices), and any other modern technology that interests me. I'll be posting on this blog often.

Anyways, these are my new blogs, please be sure to at least check it out, and follow if you like it!


  1. Will check them out soon! Good luck with keeping everything updated ;D

  2. looking forward to what you'll be putting out there.